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When we came to the mill in 2001, the main tasks were to make the house habitable, restore the waterwheel on a new shaft and clear the millrace. 

 We hope to produce a DVD - working title A Restoration Comedy - but here are a few pictures to be getting on with.  Click on the image to see a fullsize version.

Kent mining under the bridge                                            Graham, Colin and me fixing new buckets to the wheel

Malcolm Cooper, Phil and Danny Watkins, and me working on the new shaft

        Lee Lumpkin under the road                           Anthony Cook, Phil & Lee recapping the culvert

                                                Malcolm dressing the stones

First flour 13th May 2011 

Many thanks to everyone who helped!

Our millwright, Malcolm Cooper, who is highly recommended, is at

arom Watercrafts
365 Snarlton Lane
Melksham, Wilts  SN12 7QW
Tel: 01225 707153

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